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Terms and Conditions


Article 1

1.1. This User Agreement and other rules on the Web Site regulate the terms and conditions of the services offered by and the rules regarding the use of the Web Site. The User shall be deemed to have endorsed this Agreement when creating a Service Request or Profession Profile through the Web Site or to commit to comply with it from the time it begins to benefit from the Web Site. If the conditions do not apply to you, please do not use the Web Site and the services provided.

1.2. has the right to unilaterally modify or amend the Agreement without prejudice to the Users in order to ensure the continuity of the brokerage services and to comply with the future technical requirements or legislation. In case of any changes, will publish the updated terms of use under the same link on the Website with a new date update, if necessary, it shall be notified to its users by electronic mail or mobile push notification. The updated revised Agreement shall be effective from the time it is published on the Website and the use of the Website or its services shall be subject to the revised Agreement terms thereafter.

Article 2

Within the text of this Agreement;

2.1. “” means Yandestek Technology Joint Stock Company,

2.2. “Web Site” website and Mobile Applications,

2.3. “User means any person using the Website for any reason,

2.4. “Member means the User who identifies a username and password in accordance with the condition of acceptance of this User Agreement by receiving an e-mail record,

2.5. service seeker means a User, a natural or legal person who sends a Service Request in order to purchase any service offered by the Service Providers through the Website,

2.6. “Service Provider” (the Service Provider under the Regulation) means the person, organization or legal entity that creates a Professional Profile through the Web Site to provide the Service and ratifies this User agreement (if the Service Provider is a legal entity, the employees.),

2.7.  “Profession Profile” is the profile that is created on the Website in order to promote the service that the Service Provider can offer to the service seeker and submit a bid or be chosen by the service seekers.

2.8. “Service Request” means the request by the service seeker to refer the Service to one or more Service Providers from the relevant Profession Profiles in accordance with the eligibility status of in respect of the service request or quality published on the Website for the purpose of receiving offers from one or more Service Providers,

2.9. “Offer means the offer of the Service Provider to provide the Services in response to the Service Request sent by the service seeker for a certain period of time and for a certain amount,

2.10. “Fixed Price” is the standard unit price to be paid by the service seeker to the Service Provider which is agreed upon in the Reservation System based on the requirements of the job needed.

2:11.Agreed Job is the acceptance of the Offer submitted by the Service Providers through the System to the service seeker or approval of the Service Request through the Reservation System for some services according to its nature,

2.12. “Reservation System ” is the system where all agreed jobs are reserved. The jobs sent by service providers based on service requests sent by service seekers.

2:13. “Online Payment System” means the fee for the service that the service seeker will receive through the Website and the fees of transaction that the Service Provider is obliged to pay to by the payment organizations in which or cooperate. credit card, debit card and other payment methods that support online payment provided by banks. And “Online Payment System” means the secured payment system established by to ensure safe transactions between both parties, the service seeker and service provider for all completed agreed jobs. The service provider is obliged to pay to a transaction fee when using this system.

2.14.subscription fee definition. means the service fee to be paid to for the service provider to gain the right to join packages and to be able to use their features.

2.15. “Agreement” means this User Agreement,

2:16. “Regulation means the Regulation on Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers in Electronic Commerce published in the Official Gazette No. 29457 dated 26 August 2015, refers to.

Article 3
Services Provided by

3.1. ensures that the information of the service, product or service request, which the Service Provider and the service seeker have created themselves, shall be included in the Website and application in accordance with the content provided to them and in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

3.2. is only a platform, not the owner or provider of the services available on the Website or application. According to Article 6/4 of the Regulation, is an intermediary service provider and to control the content provided by real and legal persons who use the electronic environment in which it provides services, and if there is an unlawful activity or situation related to the content, is not obliged to investigate.



Article 4
Membership System

4.1. Members may submit multiple Service Requests at the same time through a single Member account. Setting and protecting the password is the responsibility of the user. Username and password should not be shared and should be carefully protected. Member is directly responsible for the misuse of his account by other persons for his own fault. shall have the right of recourse to the Member for any judicial / administrative fines and / or indemnities that it will have to pay for this reason.

4.2. When creating a member account, all information, such as name, address, telephone, e-mail, tax office, declared to the Website or application must be up to date, accurate and complete. is not obligated to check the accuracy and timeliness of such information. The Member shall be liable for any damages incurred by the Members or third parties due to incorrect or incomplete information.

4.3. The usage rights, username and password for membership cannot be transferred to others.

4.4. Monthly Subscription Packages: The user can choose one of our different monthly packages based on his/her needs and the features they want to use. To discover all details, features, and prices of our monthly subscription packages, please visit the packages page.

4.5 Membership Cycle: The monthly package will start once payment is received. The package will be renewed automatically on the last day of the current billing period, (unless auto-renew is turned off 24 hours before the end of the billing cycle). The user can manage their subscriptions from their store’s settings.

Article 5
Establishment of Service Request

5.1. Any User who is at least 18 years of age and has the power to appeal may form a Service Request by completing the information requested in the registration form accurately and completely in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

5.2. In order to create a valid Service Request, the information required for the service (such as the nature, quality, dimensions, performance and place of delivery and duration of the work requested, etc.) must be provided in a complete, accurate and explicit manner and the content thereof must be in accordance with the terms specified in this Agreement.

5.3. publishes the Service Request after its own inspection, if deemed appropriate. However, all responsibility for the content of the Service Request lies with the service seeker.

Article 6
Reservation System

6.1. provides a reservation system for certain services, depending on its nature, that requires regular or one-time referral of the Service Provider at a standard rate that is appropriate on the days and hours to be determined by both parties, service provider and service seeker.

6.2. For services subject to the reservation system, the service seeker makes the relevant payment and approves the Service Request. The service seeker acknowledges and declares that he / she knows that the payment will be taken after the performance of the service by using the secured payment method provided by, that this process or later requested regular services will be pre-authorized according to the system rules.

6.3. If the pre-authorization or subscription fee is collected, if the service is not possible or the performance of the service does not occur, the pre-authorization or non-performance service subscription fee is automatically returned to the credit card by the bank. In this case, the service seeker does not need to operate a cancellation procedure separately.

Article 7
Reservation System Modification and Cancellation Rules

7.1 The customer may change the reservation date and time free of charge from the Web Site or Mobile application until 24 hours before the start of the service.

7.2 The cancellation in secured payment method can be made by editing the request card 24 hours before the start of the service. In case of cancellations made less than 24 hours before the service, penalty fees that are specified in cancelation rules will be transferred to the service provider in order to cover his time loss.

7.3 The subscriber may change the reservation date and time free of charge from Yandestek website or application up to 24 hours before the start of the service.

7.4 Cancellations and changes in reservations related to the service can only be made via Mobile Application or website. Cancellation and modification requests made through another channel or forwarded directly to the Service Provider are not considered.

Article 8
Profession Profiling for Service Providers

8.1. Any User who is at least 18 years of age and has the power of appeal may fill in the information requested in the registration form correctly and completely and, after confirming the terms of this User Agreement, may establish a Professional Profile in accordance with the terms and content adopted and become a Service Provider (Service Provider).

8.2. In order to create a Professional Profile, the required information such as name, brand, title, contact information, ID number,  tax office, tax number should be given completely and clearly at the time of registration. Documents and references such as additional documents, driving licenses, diplomas, service authorization certificates, trade registry documents, room registration should be made to prove that they have the necessary permission, license, license (if any) and qualifications, experience and ability to provide services related to the Professional Profile.

8.3. Pursuant to Article 5/4 of the Regulation,

8.3.1. The service provider, who sells services through and is a merchant or tradesman, must have complete information: (i) At least one of the trade names, business name or registered brand name information.  (ii) Tax identification number for tradesmen and MERSIS number for traders. (iv) Information that the headquarters address and approved telephone number are available at the intermediary service provider.

8.3.2. The service provider who sells services through and is not a merchant or tradesman must have the following information in full: (i) Name and surname. (ii) The province where the residence is located. (iii) Information that the headquarters address and approved telephone number are available at the intermediary service provider.

8.4. The terms and obligations of the Service Provider are set forth in this User Agreement in detail. It is the responsibility of the Service Provider to forward all other documents, including but not limited to the documents, invoices, receipts, which are to be submitted as a result of the service, to the service seeker with the performance of the service. has no responsibility for the provision of such documents.

8.5. According to the General Communiqué on Tax Procedures Law (Serial No: 464) published in the Official Gazette dated 24 December 2015 and numbered 29572, is an Intermediary Service Provider; As of (Insert Date), regarding the transactions realized within one month of the calendar year; (i) Internet addresses or addresses where intermediary services are provided, (ii) Name, title, TCKN / VKN information and workplace address information of real or legal persons providing intermediary services, (iii) Goods and services realized on behalf of intermediary services. The Company is obliged to submit each collection amount and date related to leasing transactions electronically through the BTRANS system of the Revenue Administration.

Article 9

9.1. The Service Provider shall submit a Bid on the Website for a Service Request sent to it and propose to perform the service specified in the Service Request at the price specified in the Bid or agreed on by both parties. The Winning Bid is the Bid accepted by the service seeker. Another way to perform a service is when the service seeker chooses a service provider directly from the list or assigned by Yandestek when requested by the service seeker.

9.2. Bid submissions and direct requests shall constitute a binding legal agreement with the service provider to provide service at the price and location specified in the bid if accepted by the service seeker. The prices quoted in the bid may change upon the Service Provider’s discovery of the relevant work, in which case the bid price shall be updated upon agreement by both parties.

9.3. Offers submitted are valid and binding for the period specified by the Service Providers. shall not be liable for any withdrawal of the Offer prior to the deadline agreed by the Service Provider.

Article 10

For Service Providers: Profession Profile, Request for Service and Content of Proposals

10.1. Profession Profiles, Service Requests and Offers and information, documents and declarations provided by the parties shall not: (a) infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights, such as copyright, patent, trademark or other rights; (b) violate any applicable law or secondary legislation (those relating to export control, consumer protection, unfair competition or misleading advertising, etc.); (c) declare contrary to general morality and public order, honest and inaccurate, deceptive, misleading or exploiting the lack of experience and knowledge of third parties, endangering the safety of life and property, disrupting public health, abusing patients, the elderly, children and disabled persons; not include promotional statements; and (d) unfair competition with other licensed, authorized or licensed persons and institutions by providing unlicensed services, and (e) unregistered trademarks and / or unregistered marks. using that, the distributor of another company in violation of the law, distributor and authorized service will make statements such as, (f) degrading, slanderous, threatening or harassing in nature will be; (g) be obscene or contain child pornography; and (h) malicious software such as viruses, Trojan horses, or computer programming applications that are intended to harm any system, data or personal information. Otherwise, has no responsibility and the responsibility of the Service Provider or the User.

10.2. All responsibility for Professional Profiles, Service Requests and Offers belong to the Service Provider, service seeker or User and has no responsibility.

Article 11

11.1. service seekers may pay the price of the Offer they accept directly to the Service Provider after the performance of the service, or they may make instant online payment via debit card, credit card or other payment system via the Online Payment System Established in In payments made using the Online Payment System, if the card is used unlawfully by someone other than the holder, the Bank Cards and Credit Cards Law No. 5464 of 23.02.2006 and the Bank Cards and Credit Law No. 26458 published in the Official Gazette dated 10.03.2007 and numbered 26458 Cards are processed according to the provisions of the Regulation.

11.2. Except for those who have been paid by the Online Payment System, the Service Provider collects the order costs from the service seeker through the Offer submitted to against receipt or invoice.

11.3. In cases where cooperates with Online Payment System, The relationship between the payment institution and the service seeker and the Service Provider is independent of and the fulfillment of the obligations stipulated in accordance with the relevant legislation and the responsibility belongs to the payment institution.

11.4. When the Online Payment System is used, a receipt / invoice for the service or other documents required to be issued are issued by the relevant Service Provider if there are regulatory obligations in accordance with the relevant legislation. Invoice / voucher or other documents related to the service in question cannot be requested from and is obliged to issue an invoice to the Service Providers for packages fees, transaction fees and any other in-app or in-site direct sale right only for its own services.

11.5. In cases where service seekers make their service fees through the Online Payment System, may refund the fee upon request by the service seekers or give instructions to the contracted payment organization to make it. Instructing the payment organization to ensure that the services paid by through the Online Payment System are incomplete or defective to the service seeker, that the Service Provider cannot be found in accordance with the Service Request or that the relevant amount is not forwarded to the Service Provider in the event of cancellation. reserves the right to cancel the Service Request.

11.6. If agreed with the payment institutions for the Online Payment System, is only obliged to forward the necessary instructions to the relevant organization for the payment / refund of the related fees. It is the responsibility of the payment institution to store and securely store User information and all other necessary information, and to carry out the transactions in a safe manner.

7.11. In order to ensure the operation of the system defined in this user agreement, the Service Provider assigns as a representative exclusively for the collection of the fees related to the services offered by from the service seeker in its name and account. The service seeker shall fulfill the obligation to pay for the services within the scope of the service contract by making payment to as the representative of the Service Provider. reserves the right to terminate the user agreement and to cancel the membership of the Service Provider if the authorization of representation given in this article is not granted or canceled later by the Service Provider.

Article 12
Exemption of Service Fee / Use of Right of Withdrawal

12.1. The service seeker has the right to withdraw from the contract. This right can be used in the Reservation System up to 24 hours before the start of the service. It is sufficient to notify the notification that the right of withdrawal has been exercised within this period by editing the offer card using Yandestek application or the Yandestek website with the subject [Cancellation Request].

12.1.1 If the cancellation occurred before 24 hours from the task due date, the full amount will be returned to the service seeker.

12.1.2 if the cancellation occurred in less than 24 hours but more than 12 hours from the task due date 75% of the task fee will be returned to the service seeker and 25% to the service provider.

12.1.3 If the cancellation occurred in less than 12 hours from the task due date, 50% of the task fee will be returned to the service seeker and 50% will be transferred to the service provider.

12.2. The Service Fee will be refunded by the respective Service Provider. Service Fees cannot be requested from will only give instructions to the payment institution to which it cooperates for the refund of:

  1. a) Mandatory cancellation of the Service Request or the Contracted Work in accordance with the duly conditions or force majeure conditions;
  2. b) Mandatory cancellation of the Service Request due to failure to forward the Service Request to the relevant Service Provider;
  3. c) cancellation of the Offer at the request of the User, even if the Service Provider does not perform the performance or if the Offer is approved by the service seeker;
  4. d) Mandatory cancellation of the service in whole or in part because the scope of the service does not correspond to the Offer;
  5. e) the cancellation of the approval after receiving the relevant Service Provider’s approval due to dissatisfaction with the service performed; and
  6. f) It shall be performed in case of the delay of the performance of the approved service.

3.12. accepts no responsibility for any disputes between the Service Provider and the service seeker regarding any issues such as payment, cancellation, discount or refund.

12.4. For the Services paid by means of payment other than the Online Payment System option, the refund is made directly by the Service Provider.

Article 13
Service Liability, No Warranty and Independence of Relationship

13.1. does not have any responsibility in the bid, request, acceptance, contract and payment stages between the service seeker and the Service Provider unless requested by the service seeker to allow look and assign a Service Provider for the task. does not and cannot guarantee that there will be harmony between the service seeker and the Service Provider, or that the service seeker will find or retain the Service Provider in the Area of ​​the Service, able to perform the service seeker’s work at any time and place.Clients should do the necessary research on the Service Provider themselves unless requested by the service seeker to allow look and assign a Service Provider for the task..

13.2. All responsibility for the services to be received from the Service Providers through the Web Site or Application rest with the Service Providers. has no responsibility.

13.3. does not endorse or recommend the Service Provider nor does it guarantee the performance or quality of the services provided unless requested by the service seeker to allow look and assign a Service Provider for the task. may rank, review and categorize Servers through some algorithms within the system, such as Member ratings and Member reviews, and may highlight some Servers as being highly acclaimed, preferred or with high satisfaction rates. However, this does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee by

13.4. is not responsible for the relationship between the Service Provider and the service seeker, and has no responsibility for any damages to the service seeker or third parties during or at any time to be provided by the Service Provider.

13.5. will only redirect Service Provider profiles from the Profession Profiles registered in the system in accordance with the availability of the Service Providers in the Reservation System. will only take care to provide the services at the specified time and at the specified Fixed Price agreed by both parties.

13.6. makes no warranties or commitments regarding the reliability of the Service Providers, whether they are appropriate and competent to provide the related service unless requested by the service seeker to allow look and assign a Service Provider for the task from their special team, the provision of services or timely delivery, being safe and error-free, the adequacy or reliability of the results obtained from the use of the service, or the quality of the service responding to expectations. only tries to contact the relevant Service Providers regarding the services included in the Reservation system and, when it deems necessary, tries to make a reference check with the information provided by the Service Provider. Even if verified by, reference checks do not determine the future behavior of a Service Provider.

13.7. Although does not have any responsibility, it will make every effort to ensure that the services provided by the Service Providers are performed accurately and completely. However, if the Service Providers cause any harm to the service seekers and third parties due to gross negligence or defect, and / or the lawsuits and follow-ups in this matter are directed to, all damages and legal expenses reserves the right to recourse to the Service Provider for fines and attorneys’ fees or to exchange / deduct from rights and receivables on

13.8. Any errors caused by the service seeker or the Service Provider in the Reservation System (giving the wrong date, absence of the service seeker at the service start time, the Service Provider not going to perform the service at the relevant date and time, the day specified by the service seeker at the time of reservation and does not have any responsibility due to the lack of a suitable Service Provider etc. will make every effort to prevent such situations. However, it shall not pay any price or compensation to the Service Provider or service seeker for any errors or damages incurred.

13.9. has no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or statements stated in the Professional Profile by the Service Provider.

13:10. All kinds of permits, approvals, control certificates, licenses, etc. that should be provided within the scope of the legislation in force regarding the service. The responsibility for the document belongs to the Service Providers and any administrative, legal and criminal liability that may arise otherwise belongs to the Service Providers. Responsibility for damages incurred and / or suffered by and third parties for this reason and liability for any damages belong to the Service Providers.

13:11. does not represent or warrant that the information received from the national, local or other government agencies or third parties to the service seeker is accurate, correct or up-to-date, or that the service seeker is current at the time of checking the information.

13:12. The parties are directly responsible for all taxes, duties, fees, payments and similar obligations arising from the service contracts between the Service Provider and the service seeker. Due to the services and products listed on the Web Site and/or application operated by, is not a seller, provider, manufacturer, manufacturer, dealer, agent, advertiser or media institution within the scope of the Law on Consumer Protection.

13:13. shall not be liable for any problems or damages that may arise between the service seeker and the Service Provider (s) as a result of the sharing of personal data such as the name, address and telephone number of the service seekers registered in the system with the Service Providers for the purpose of creating a Quotation or providing the related service. The service seeker and Service Provider have agreed to the processing and sharing of personal data for the purposes of this Agreement in order to market and perform the services under this Agreement. According to Articles 5 (c) and 5 (f) of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, the processing of personal data of service seekers and Service Providers and sharing them only between the contracting parties does not require explicit consent.

13:14. service seeker information is shared by with the Service Provider to provide the service or to create an Offer. It is aimed to provide the service smoothly with this information sharing. In case the Service Provider does not obtain the approval of the service seeker, such information may be used for advertising, marketing, personal, etc. is not responsible for any situation or purpose, sharing or transfer with third parties, or for any problems or damage that may arise between the service seeker and the Service Provider (s).

13:15. does not have any relationship between (a) employment, (b) part-time employment, (c) consulting, (d) joint venture or (e) agency.

Article 14
Obligations of the service seeker

14.1. Any administrative, legal and criminal liability that may arise due to non-compliance with the terms of this Agreement belongs to the service seeker.

2.14. The service seeker may accept only one Offer for the Service Request. Acceptance of the offer means that a legally binding agreement has been made to pay the Service Provider if the Service is provided.

14.3. The service seeker agrees to pay the amount specified in the Offer or the prescribed Fixed Price for the services provided to the Service Provider when it accepts a Service Offer from the Service Provider or approves the Service Request in the Reservation System.

14.4. The service seeker agrees that is in no way a party to the agreement and does not have any responsibility in its agreement with the Service Provider.

14.5. The service seeker agrees to inform that the relevant service amount will be charged to the credit card and if the previously shared credit card information changes or any other way that will integrate in its system.

14.6. The service seeker agrees that is authorized to store and share it with the system operators to the extent that the credit card information is permitted under the legislation. is not responsible for any problems that may occur in the contracted payment system.

14.7. The service seeker is responsible for all taxes incurred in relation to the service, except for taxes incurred on’s revenue.

14.8. The service seeker may, in order for some Service to be performed by the Service Provider, to the location where the service will be seen or where the service will be explored; Accepts that it will allow the Service Provider or its personnel to enter, take measurements for the discovery or take photographs of the place, and if this permission is attached to someone else, it will provide it.

14:9. Some services may require permission from government authorities or building managers to perform. Or some services may be performed depending on specific days and times. The client agrees that he / she will provide the necessary permits and can only receive services for the specified days and hours.

14:10.According to the Income Tax Law dated 07.04.2015 and numbered-98 / 2015-1, and announced by the Directorate of Income Administration, if services such as cleaning, gardening, and nanny that are not continuous and provided in noncommercial places such as houses, gardens, and apartments, and according to the Social Insurance Law no 5510 and the article 9 of the General Health Insurance Law and the exception included in clause No (6) of the first paragraph in the article No 23 of the Income Tax Law No 193   employees working in the home services are exempted from income tax.

There is no need for the Service User to make any notification to the tax office for these persons, to withhold the wages or to submit any declaration by the Service Provider.  is obliged to issue an invoice to the Service Seeker only in relation to its service commission.

14:11. However, According to the article 9 of the law No. 5510 regarding “Home Services” published in the Official Gazette dated 01.04.2015 and numbered 29313, the Service Seeker accepts that he will insure the Service Provider on a daily basis and notify the relevant institution.

14:12. The service seeker must take all kinds of precautions related to occupational safety and health at home, office, building, garden, warehouse, school, factory and all kinds of facilities to be served.

Article 15
Authorizations for

15.1. may temporarily suspend or stop the operation of the system. Users do not pay any usage fee to regarding the use of the Website and/or Application, and will not make any request from due to the suspension or suspension of the system.

15.2. or the payment institution it cooperates with may temporarily suspend or completely suspend the possibility of Online Users to pay by credit card due to the transactions of the service seeker and Service Providing security suspicion. For this reason, has no responsibility to its Users or third parties.

15.3. or the payment institution it cooperates with has the right to inquire about the limit adequacy of the card subject to the Online Payment System before confirming the Service Request under the Reservation System.

15.4. has the intellectual property rights of all data that will be generated by using the Web Site and/or Application. may prepare reports containing demographic information or use such information or reports on its own without disclosing User information or share such reports and / or statistics with business partners with third parties for a fee or free of charge. These transactions do not constitute a violation of’s privacy policy provisions.

15.5. In the event of any dispute between users regarding the infringement of intellectual rights, shall be obliged to act on the basis of a final and enforceable court decision to be submitted to it. In other cases, makes transactions at its own discretion.

15.6. The comments / evaluations received from the Users regarding the Service Provider shall be published in a way that is visible to all Users after required approval, control and correction by reserves the right to correct, rank or publish such comments. reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify or terminate the Website and/or Application (or any portion thereof) at any time with or without notice.

15.7. In order to protect the integrity of the Website and/or Application, may, at its discretion, at any time, block certain Users and Users of certain Internet Protocol addresses from accessing the Website and/or Application.

15.8. The Service Provider and the service seeker are legally and penally responsible for the content they upload to the Website in accordance with Article 4 of Law No. 5651. The publication of the contents by does not remove the responsibility of the Service Provider and the service seeker.

15:9. reserves the right to make some or all of the services paid or unpaid in the future. The pricing and commission policy for some services may vary from time to time depending on the number, intensity or quantity of services purchased or offered.

15:10. may use SMS, email or other technical means to verify Users’ email address, mobile phone number and other information if they wish so.

15:11. may prohibit the use of the Website and access to the rights of the Membership, suspend the Membership and temporarily suspend the use of the Website if it is found that the Members have violated this Agreement or without giving any reason to the extent required by the situation.

15:12. In accordance with the legal regulation introduced by the Revenue Administration, e-invoice and e-archive invoice applications were initiated at The e-archive invoices of the users who are not e-invoice users will be created and kept in an electronic environment. Notification of invoices generated in an electronic environment will be made to the e-mail addresses of the users within 7 days at the latest and invoices will be sent by e-mail in PDF format. Invoices generated electronically can be used as a legal document with all official authorities and authorities.


Article 16
Relations and Transactions with Users (All Users)

16.1. Users are solely responsible for the relationships between each other.

16.2. When users communicate with each other or with employees, racist, hate speech against any group or person, violation of personal rights, degrading, insulting , harassing or defending harassment, praising illegal & terrorist activities, creating unfair competition cannot use threatening, obscene, staining, sexual harassing and slanderous behaviors and cannot use content in this direction. Failure to do so may require termination of the User’s rights and, where necessary, notify the authorities.

16.3. If an investigation or trial is initiated against the Service Provider or the service seekers for any offending behavior before and after the service, will share all information and documents with the relevant judicial authorities upon request.

16.4. The Service Receiver or Service Providers may not provide any comments in favor of or against them, even if they do not receive or provide services for themselves or for any other person, and may not write content in such a way as to create unfair competition about another’s business products, brand, trade name and services.

Article 17
Website Content

To the extent permitted by law in accordance with applicable law,

17.1. does not warrant that the Web Site will be error-free, uninterrupted and secure, or that the use of the Web Site or any content, search or link on it will provide specific results, and

17.2. cannot guarantee that any file downloaded from the Web Site will not contain viruses or other dirty or corrupt features.

Article 18
Limitations of Liability

18.1. To the extent permitted by law in accordance with applicable law, shall not be liable for the acts, omissions or behavior of any third party, users of the Website, advertisers and / or sponsors with respect to the use of the Website.

18.2. is not responsible for any loss of data arising from the operation of the Website or the application of its terms.

18.3. takes reasonable precautions for protection. However, as a result of attacks on its own computer network and the existing database information in this network, users cannot be held responsible for the consequences that may arise if malicious information is received by malicious persons and misused.

18.4. is not responsible for any direct or indirect, material or moral damages and / or services rendered by a Service Provider such as, but not limited to, physical harm, emotional discomfort resulting from the behavior of third parties related to the use of the Website. or the Online Payment System, any service seeker shall not be liable for any damages that may arise due to failure to pay the Service Provider for the service provided.

Article 19
Copyright Policy

19.1. The visual and written content provided on the Website is for personal use only., all the domain name, logo, graphics, sound, icon, design, text, image, html code, other codes, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine readable technical data, sales is the owner or licensee of all materials (sistemi Materials ”), including the system, business method, and business model, and the intellectual and industrial property rights thereto, and is under legal protection. Unless otherwise specified, it may not be used for commercial or personal purposes without permission or reference. It is forbidden for the user to publish any elements of this website on any other medium or website, except for his / her official and portfolio.

2.19. The software used in the design of these pages and the creation of the database belongs to It is strictly prohibited to copy or use said software, and to reverse engineer the software and technologies used.

19.3. All comments and criticisms submitted to belong to reserves the right to make changes to, delete, or remove the comments in question, and may not publish some of them. reserves the right to use all information, comments and criticisms linked to the user account in connection with its marketing activities, subject to the terms of use, privacy principles and applicable legal regulations.

Article 20
Content on the Website

20.1. Ideas, advice, disclosure, review, proposal or other information or content published through the Website are the property of the respective authors. These authors are solely responsible for the content in question. (i) does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information on the Website; or (ii) accept, certify, or accept liability for the accuracy or reliability of any idea, advice or disclosure shown by the Website.

20.2. The Website may contain links or references to other websites that are not under’s control. is not responsible for the content of these sites or any other links they contain.

20.3. reserves the right to remove any illegal or prohibited content on the Website from the Website and terminate the membership of such violators. This provision includes, but is not limited to, the following types of content:

  • Racist, offensive or insulting to the other User, such as content that promotes hatred and physical harm to any group or person;
  • Harass or advocate harassment of the Other User;
  • Includes “junk mail”, “chain letter” or unsolicited bulk mail or ming spamming” transmission;
  • Encourages information that you know is false or misleading;
  • Encourages illegal activities or uses disparaging statements about others, creates unfair competition, threatening, obscene, staining and defamatory behavior;
  • Encourages illegal or unauthorized copying of someone else’s copyrighted work, such as providing pirated computer programs or links, providing information to circumvent copy-protected devices placed during production, or providing pirated pictures, audio or video files, or linking to pirated pictures, audio or video files;
  • Prohibited or password-accessible pages, or containing hidden pages or images (not linked to from another accessible site);
  • providing sexual or violent materials that exploit individuals under the age of 18 or requesting personal information from an individual under the age of 18;
  • providing instructional information on illegal activities such as the manufacture or purchase of illegal weapons, the violation of someone else’s privacy, or the giving or creation of computer viruses;
  • Require passwords or personal identifying information from others for commercial or illegal purposes;
  • involving commercial activities and / or sales, such as contests, sweepstakes, clearing, advertising and the chain of felicitation without our prior written consent;
  • Record, disseminate, misuse personal information of others,
  1. Violates the intellectual and industrial rights of individuals, such as trademarks and patents,
  • incorporates unfair trade practices and limits competition, and
  • Violates national and / or local consumer protection laws.

Article 21
Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction

21.1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

21.2. The Parties shall endeavor to settle any disputes arising from the application and interpretation of this Agreement first among themselves. They accept and declare that the Istanbul (Caglayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices are exclusively authorized for the settlement of disputes which cannot be settled.

Article 22
Contract for Storage and Evidence of Information

22.1. User information, offers, comments / reviews etc. registered in system. stored for at least three (3) years.

22.2. The parties declare, accept and undertake that in case of any dispute arising from this Agreement,’s commercial books and records and the data stored in systems shall accept definitive evidence in accordance with Article 193 of HMK No. 6100 in any dispute.

Article 23
Violation and Termination of Contract

23.1. It is liable for any damages incurred by and 3rd parties as a result of the users acting in contradiction with the provisions of this Agreement. may immediately terminate this Agreement unilaterally, without prejudice to any claim rights arising out of this Agreement, if it detects a breach of the Agreement.

23.2. The Parties may terminate this Agreement at any time. The rights of the parties from each other at the time of termination of the Agreement shall not be affected

Article 24
Entry into force

This Agreement will remain in effect as long as the Website and/or Application continues to be used and a new agreement is not offered to Users by

Article 25
Iyzico terms

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